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Northern Pass Electrical Project: Vital For All Of Us In New Hampshire!

We believe that the Granite State can be Rock-Solid again with the Northern Pass Project.

As a group of devoted New Hampshire citizens, workforce members, business people and civic leaders, the New Hampshire Coalition for Secure Energy is reaching out to our fellow citizens, neighbors and friends to give you the FACTS about the Northern Pass Project.

Support for the Northern Pass Project will help make it happen, which will bring all of us more clean, renewable and lower-cost electrical power that is important for the good health and welfare of our state.

That is why we believe that New Hampshire's future is here, right now … and we can't let it get away.

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Monday, Jun 16, 2014
Electricity rate payers should sit up, take notice (Excerpt below.  Please view the entire article at the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript ) By Marc Brown Hysteria, rhetoric and falsehoods aside, New Hampshire needs the Northern Pass project. New Hampshire businesses and residents pay the sixth highest electricity costs in the nation and the only change on the horizon is...Read More
Monday, Jun 2, 2014
(Letter originally published 6/1/14 in the Concord Monitor )   An open letter to Governor Hassan and the Legislature on Northern Pass: I hope you read the recent article titled “Burying electrical transmission lines not so simple” (Monitor, May 18). As a concerned resident of our great state who lived in a time when major corporations provided good-paying jobs for average...Read More
Friday, May 16, 2014
Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate took a stand for clean energy.  Read about it here at the Union Leader.    Despite some last-minute chickanery by Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfboro), and efforts by out-of-state natural gas interests to thwart the Northern Pass project, the Senate took a stand for green energy and local jobs.  Key excerpts: ...Read More
Monday, May 12, 2014
Pop Quiz: Can you guess the author of the quotes below regarding large-scale energy construction projects?   We’ll even give you a hint:  He’s a former US Senator currently running in New Hampshire not named Bob Smith:   “One thing I keep hearing from working men and women as I drive across New Hampshire is they want a shot at a good job that pays a fair wage with...Read More
Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014
Kuster: We should promote good manufacturing jobs at home (Key excerpts below.  Please view full article at Nashua Telegraph ) ...Unfortunately, our manufacturers continue to face steep competition from overseas, and many large companies take advantage of tax loopholes that reward them for sending jobs abroad. This should never happen, and it’s time we get our priorities...Read More

What is the Northern Pass Project?


Northern Pass is a planned, 100% privately funded project that will transmit clean, hydroelectric power from Canada to all of New Hampshire and New England, while creating jobs to build and maintain the electrical system. To learn more, click here. 

We support the Northern Pass Project for all of New Hampshire and all of our fellow citizens, neighbors and friends!

  • More power for New Hampshire!
  • Lower utility costs for all of us!
  • Cleaner energy that helps the environment!
  • Economic boost with lower taxes & more revenue!
  • More jobs for our fellow citizens who need work!